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“Oh Me Island Loves Me"

All original musical revue

songs by Phil Greek and Neil Asgarali

7 different scenes/virtual locations, with video and graphic projections

Scene 1 - HOMETOWN

They say no man is an island, but that’s what it felt like.... hometown.... this journey begins in Middle America, at the home of a young intense musician profoundly affected by the power of the music and idealism in the 60's and 70's.... his first songs search for meaning and substance of spirit .....Singing and playing piano on Better Things and This Music and with the ukulele on Voices in the Wind ...

Scene 2 - LAS VEGAS

The rites of passage - from the perfection of innocence into the adventure of experience and loss... Las Vegas that is... From a world of boyhood idealism into the harsh reality of "working"... He auditions various showrooms.... singing Crystal Pond.... well received creatively, but the producers insist if he want a job he "impersonate someone with a name...." Now without income he plays the streets for change where he meets a reggae rap musician from Trinidad working the other corner.... he introduces him to a steel or as its called a pan, and it was never the same after that - they sing and perform Gold on Blue.... and set sail for Jamaica to have his new pan tuned by "The Hammer" - here come's a real cultural musical experience.... singing Satisfied

 Scene 3 - JAMAICA

Kickin' back in Jamaica they finally encounter the "Island doldrums”…. taking time to write new songs - sings Coconut Bay.... He hears some deep bass tones... undulating sexy reggae music... he meets a Dreadlock bass player who tells him "mon what you looking for ... dis Jamaica mon" shares some herb tea with him and they play and sing Chillin ... the spiritual vibe of the reggae music... but  still wonders where the man with the hammer be... there's a few notes on his pan that need work.... after all both he and his pan had been through 2 storms at sea...dare he go back? After performing Time for Love for his Rasta buds he again leaves for Trinidad, the land of the pan....

Scene 4 - TRINIDAD

King of the Groove helps them arrive quickly in Trinidad... asking where the man with the hammer be.... but because he is a new face, and a pale one at that at first, they don't trust him... he sings his first calypso, Calypso for Mama and is allowed to meet the master pan tuner who revives his old $25 instrument, making it nearly the best sounding pan in Trinidad... now the bands all want him to play with them as they jam on Playday, and into show title theme Oh Me Island Love Me

Scene 5 - HAWAII

He sets sail to Clouds, reflecting on the dreamy passing of  clouds as they sail into a storm that rages.... finally washed on a deserted beach.... is he on the set of the next "Survivor"?...soon he hears a stringed instrument playing gracefully alongside the bell like tones of his pan - so warm and embracing.... then out of the bush comes a beautiful girl in a grass skirt playing an ukulele.....they sing and play Splendid Feeling, merging the 2 island cultures and sounds into one.....he sings a song called The Hula Girl, and she shows him great hula....she then takes him back to her village - Waikiki, where they write a song together and perform Aloha at the corner of a garden under the tiki torch near the pink hotel.....

Scene 6 - PIANOMAN

Trinidad was was an important place musically, he did  feel a part of something vital and vivid.....the art of banging the oil can and raising it to angelic heights..... but at some point he realizes perhaps the piano is like his home, and to sit behind it was what he wanted now......this is expressed with passion in Land of Toys, with Street Music dedicated to his buds on the streets outside (now that he's a headliner - the promoters decided they could make him a name after all... as he became a better musician, and a more mature performer for his experiences in travel......he dedicates Eternal Friends to all those he may never see again, but will never be forgotten.......


Our Musician now headlines the showroom with his state of the art visuals and sound, alongside a band that has everyone dancing around the globe .... the rock anthem Over the World...... enter the zone of time with 3 Dimensional Diversity.....building into Life Is, and Spinnin in Dust, finally ending with Dazzlin', a special song for his daughter Julia expressing that the future rests within the family that we create at home and in the world as our Island (shot of the earth from above, of course)

encore: he roams the crowd singing I Like Your Smile


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